About the app

«Whose number+» is a mobile application for Android designed to inform users when making calls about unknown Russian numbers (country, region, mobile operator; positive, negative and neutral ratings of the number by users; category, name and description numbers generated based on user reviews), as well as for optional blocking of spam calls based on negative user reviews for Russia.

The project is not commercial, the goal of the project is to collect and display for everyone information based on user reviews about public phone numbers (companies, private craftsmen, advertising of goods and services, unwanted and silent calls, spam and scammers, etc.).

N.B. The displayed information about the unknown number is based on user reviews and data from various Internet services, always treat it critically, its reliability is unknown. We make every effort to improve the accuracy of the information, but the processing is based on the reviews of various users about the number, so it is often impossible to even assess the reliability, because. interested parties can write reviews about their room themselves, incl. not corresponding to reality. Therefore, always rely on your own opinion and common sense, using these programs as the existing opinion of other users, incl. written, perhaps only by those calling you, to deliberately mislead.

The main features of the program:

  •  optional information window about an unknown number for incoming calls with the ability to display at the beginning of a call and / or at the beginning of a conversation;
  •  optional information window about an unknown number for outgoing calls with the ability to display at the start of a call;
  •  memorizing the position of the information window at different stages of the call under different call conditions;
  •  ability to work both as the default application "Caller ID and spam filter" (Android 10+), and without installing such an application by default;
  •  ability to ignore the processing of numbers of user's contacts;
  •  own log of calls processed by the program with all information about the call and number;
  •  ability to work both online with the Internet, and offline without the Internet;
  •  periodic updates by the system of the offline information database about numbers known to the program;
  •  smart downloading of offline database updates about numbers known to the program by the device to save battery several times a day;
  •  information about the region and phone operator for Russia;
  •  optional blocking of incoming calls based on negative user reviews;
  •  ability to configure online sources of information about unknown numbers;
  •  main source of information for Caller Id Service: callerid.mbagc.ru (Russia only);
  •  suggested third-party Internet sources for Caller Id Service: callfilter.app (Russia only);
  •  suggested third-party Internet sources for MNP Service: no.

Terms of Use: open

Privacy Policy: open

Supported Android versions: 6.0-14.0

Add, edit or delete a review for an unknown number

On the “Calls” tab, click on the record of the call with the number for which you want to add, change or delete your review:

  •  write a new review and click the “Submit review” button to add a new review about an unknown number;
  •  change your review and click the "Submit review" button if you want to edit your review about an unknown number;
  •  click the "Delete" button to delete your previously added review about an unknown number.